Measurement of the hunger: the global index

The correct measure of the hunger is a key for orientating the suitable policies for its eradication. It is important to design measures that help to reach this purpose. That allows the establishment of priorities by the competent, national and international, organisms. A global index for the measurement of the hunger is presented in this work. The index uses the same information as the Global Index of the Hunger (IGH). Nevertheless, the proposed index is based in a different concept. The countries have been previously categorized attending to the belonging of each one of the three statistical indicators of the IGH in one of the five levels in which the hunger intensity classifies, penalizing the belonging to the categories of major intensity of hunger. This categorization is its principal innovation, accepting that the reality of the hunger is important enough to emphasize the worst of the situations revealed by the three individual indicators that define the index.

Eduardo Beamonte Córdoba
Alejandro Casino Martínez
Ernesto J. Veres Ferrer
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