XX World Economy Meeting. 9th-11th May, 2018.











Deadline: 9th APRIL, 2018  


The World Economy Society (WES) is now accepting proposals for papers (in English or Spanish) for its annual World Economy Meeting.The XX World Economy Meeting will be held at the University of Almería (Almería, Spain) on May 9th, 10th, and 11th, 2018. The over-arching theme will be "The new challenges to integration in the World Economy".

As you may know, the World Economy Society has been organazing annual meetings since 1999. It also publishes the prestigious Revista de Economía Mundial (World Economy Journal), listed in SSCI, Scopus and other indexes. The World Economy Meeting aims to become a leading place for international scholars and other professionals to network and analyse key issues pertaining to the world economy. Thus,the best papers will be published in a special issue of the World Economic Journal. In addition, as in previous years, the José Luis Sampedro awards ceremony will take place.

Alongside sessions where papers will be presented, the program of the Congress includes the following activities:


- "The role of the library as a basis for research". The resources and services the library provides to researchers will be thoroughly explained.

- "Teaching innovation: data interoperability as a strategy for improving learning: analyses and case studies of the use of BigData in teaching-learning processes".

Round tables:

- The evaluation of the research activity: calls and requirements.

- Information session with JCR and Scopus magazine editors.

Other activities:

- Tasting of local products in the UAL bioclimatic room. 

- Visit to historical city center. 

- Gala dinner at the Club de Mar restaurant. 

- Visit to the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Nature Park.


There are scholarships that cover board and lodging for PhD students, who can attend the congress by paying only the reduced registration fee (40€) and becoming a member of the SEM (80€ per year).

Further information can be obtained from the SEM website and by writing to 20rem@sem-wes.org  

Please note that deadlines are as follows:

- Submission of papers (7000 words): 20th March.

- Notification of acceptance of papers: until 30th March.



The Society of World Economy (SEM), to promote and disseminate research in the area of world economy, announces the XI World Economy Award "José Luis Sampedro", which will be regulated by the following bases:

1. The award is announced, which will be chosen from among the papers presented to the XX World Economic Meeting (XX WEM).

2. The theme of the work will be framed within the research area of the world economy.

3. The prize will have an endowment of 1,000 €, in addition to a diploma. If the authors agree, the work will be published in the World Economy Journal, with express mention of the award.

4. The delivery period shall be the same as that established for the submission of papers in XX WEM.

5. Entries and authors eligible for the prize must meet the following requirements:

- Submission of the work under the same conditions as those determined for XX WEM papers, in addition to indicating in the submission that they wish to participate in the award.
- Positive evaluation of the Scientific Committee of the XX WEM.
- Registration in the XX WEM.
- Presentation of the paper at the table assigned to the XX WEM.
6. The work will be subject to a double evaluation process. The first evaluation will be carried out by the presidents of the thematic areas of the XX WEM, who will award a grade to the works that meet the requirements established in clause five. The best qualified papers will then be evaluated by a jury appointed for this purpose by the World Economic Society.

7. The jury may declare the corresponding award void if it considers that the entries do not meet the necessary merits.

8. The jury's decision is final.

9. The award will be paid via bank cheques.

10. Participation in this competition implies the express acceptance of all its terms and conditions.

Papers will be evaluated according to the following form


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