Cross-border trade in health care services between Tijuana, Mexico and San Diego, US

This paper analyzes the impact of trans-border commerce in health care
services of Tijuana on the Hispanic-mexican market of California. Hispanic-
US citizens are often of Mexican ancestry, and cultural and familial links keep
them coming back periodically to their places of origin. Hispanics in California
constitute a market currently in dispute by insurance companies.
Tourism by Hispanics who consume private health care services in Tijuana
has been growing for several years. In 2001, 7% of visitors – 1.5 out of 26.3
million – came to Tijuana for health care services. In 2003, Hispanic tourism
amounted to 208 million dollars, 8% of which was spent on private health
care services. Therefore, we conclude that trans-border health care trade in
Tijuana benefits from economic growth deriving from globalization processes,
with short-term benefits favoring individual doctors, private pharmacists and
drug companies.
José G. Vargas-Hernández
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