Industrial relocation and offshoring of services: what are really the issues? the case of Spain towards the new member state

The phenomenon of relocation is attracting the attention of the media in
the developed countries, which presents it as a threat to economic activity and
the level of employment in those countries. However, so far the specialized
literature does not perceive it as a phenomenon whose quantitative dimension
is commensurate with the worry that it arouses.
In this work we intend to evaluate the real magnitude of the phenomenon
and to provide elements that can help us in gauging which issues are really at
stake with relocation. The analyses are usually carried out from the point of view
of countries affected, either positively or negatively, by the relocation. Thus,
we approach the issues of location by studying a specific case: the relocation
from Spain towards the new member states of the European Union.
This exercise gives us some interesting elements to discuss the questions
raised above. The issues, as we shall see, go beyond seeking the efficiency on
the part of the companies and are related to the relationships of power in the
international scenario.
Carmen de la Cámara Arilla
Albert Puig Gómez
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