Methodological propose for a critical re-reading of the system of financing to development (1944-2007)

With the submission of this work we pay tribute to Professor Dr. Rafael
Martínez-Cortiña. In the last 20 years Rafael focused on the analysis of the
financial system. This line of research led him to become personally involved
in the pulse of international cooperation in development in general and the
micro-credits in particular research papers. In this remembering to his memory,
we propose a reading and interpretation criticism of the philosophy with which
was designed the structure of the financing system to development, which we
think is more consistent with the apparent failure of policies to development
that orthodox interpretations, based on the population explosions or in the
petty corruption of rulers. Our thesis is that the financing system was designed
to benefit geostrategic and economic interests of the donor countries and not
of the impoverished people of the recipient countries.
Julio Herrera Revuelta
Jesús Santamaría Fidalgo
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