Structural analysis and its relationship with systemic and partial analysis

The field of economics utilizes a range of different methodologies to advance
its endeavour. Structural, systemic and partial analyses are among the most
useful. All three types of analysis possess a set of differential characteristics
that identify them, determine their power of analysis, and mark their limitations.
A review of the actual practice of these methodologies points out the historic
separateness of their application, accentuating their various successes and
failings. Overall, no consensus exists on the outcome of applications of these
analytical methods, and they are rarely applied in combination in a fruitful way.
The thesis proposed here is that a change in attitude would further economics
research by fleshing out different methodological focuses and eliminating
reciprocal ignorance and exclusive behaviours so as to concentrate each
methodology in the area where it belongs, create a dialogue among them, and
articulate their respective contributions.
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