Structural change of the manufacturing industry in Chile: 1979-2004

This article analyzes the changes in the Chilean manufacturing industry
during the period 1979-2004. Main changes are related to the processes
of external openness and internal modification of ownership structures and
major manufacturing firms. The main output is a strong process of industrial
growth that, moreover, is associated to a strong increasement of industrial
employment. However, some of the structural traits of the previous industrial
model were maintained for a long time. The most clear would be the diversity
among domestic market oriented industries and exporting ones. This article
also analyzes how, after the crisis of the late nineties, most of the manufacturing
sectors, which were still oriented to the domestic market, developed important
export competencies. The structural model outlined in the seventies would
be culminated after this change. However, the overall transformation of the
manufacturing model required more than 35 years.
Daniel Coq Huelva
Sandra Ríos Núñez
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