Assessing MDG 6 in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Territorial Analysis Using a Synthetic Indicator

Sub-Saharan Africa has the most serious HIV and AIDS epidemic in the world. As a result, the epidemic has devastating, widespread social and economic consequences, particularly for vulnerable groups such as children under the age of five and pregnant women. Given this situation, it is important to analyse which countries have been able to improve in progress toward fulfilling Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 6: Combat HIV, AIDS and malaria in recent years. We analyse and quantify progress towards MDG 6 by comparing a large number of the variables defined in the UN Millennium Declaration in sub-Saharan African countries up to 2013. To construct the synthetic indicator from a multidimensional approach, we used the P2 distance method.
José Antonio Rodríguez Martín
José María Martín Martín and José Antonio Salinas Fernández
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