Tourism and climate change. Proposal of a strategic framework for action

Tourism generates about 5% of global emissions of greenhouse gases. The
global growth forecasts this economic activity through 2030 are staggering,
justifying the growing concern over the relationship between tourism and cli-
mate change, as well as the establishment of a set of strategies that contri-
bute to mitigating the effects of tourism on climate change and adaptation of
tourism at the impact of this phenomenon can generate. Recent reports from
international organizations show that small investments (of only 0.2% of global
GDP per year until 2050) in actions and initiatives to reduce the environmental
impact of tourism would allow steady growth of tourism in the coming decades,
even significantly benefit the environment. This article identifies the actions
that should integrate a strategic framework for action to address the relation-
ship between tourism and climate change, following a documented analysis of
the state of art.

Juan Ignacio Pulido-Fernández
Yaiza López-Sánchez
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