Foreland and port connectivity analysis of Cartagena de Indians: basis for developments derived from Panama canal widening

Last years have been of great and fast growth in port and maritime transport

industries operations, and globalisation of interchanges and economic relations

have brought an intense process of containerisation. These transformations

meant a big challenge for measuring the constitution and consolidation of port global trade networks.

In this work, importance of Cartagena de Indias Port is highlighted in its maritime relations, and intensities and hierarchies of its world connections are measured, under the perspective of the Panama Canal widening, the new options that are open to maritime traffic with European ports, and the operated

recomposition in transpacific traffic. Hence, ratios that allow to measure new

port positioning are calculated and foreland impact are evaluated, determining

new patterns in order to implement future logistic strategies.

Fernando González Laxe
Carlos Pais Montes
María Jesús Freire Seoane
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