Logistics performance index: european exports

Globalization hasled to better logistics economies can grow faster, be more competitive and tend to increase their investment. This leads to consider the logistics performance as one of the key factors of international trade. The aim of the paper is to analyze the determinants of exports from the European Union(EU), where the importance of logistics is critical to his international development. It has been considered the Logistics Performance Index(LPI) published by the World Bank as a good proxy of trade facilitations, without covering the whole concept. Furthermore, a second objective is to identify whetherchanges in logistics performance between 2005 and 2010 influenced differently in 4 groups of products ranked by logistical complexity. The methodology use this the econometric approach of gravity models from the application of the Heckman two-step, which removes the bias of the sample produced by zero trade flows. The empirical work reveals the greater preponderance of export logistics, detecting certain slow down in the improvement of the same during the period analyzed, except for those products where the difficulty of transportation puts in a key position.

Rosa Puertas Medina
Mª Luisa Martí Selva
Leandro García Menéndez
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