Gross Inland Energy Consumption Inequality in Europe: An Empirical Approach

The aim of this paper is to analyse gross inland energy consumption (EC) in the EU-15 - European Union countries over the period 2005-2014. The standard tools in the measurement of income inequality such as Lorenz Curve, Gini Index, and Generalized Entropy and Atkinson indices are applied. The empirical results confirm that EC inequality has decreased (the Gini coefficient falls from 44.27% in 2005 to 42.16% in 2014), that there are a small inward shift in the corresponding Lorenz Curve and there are huge differences among the four European clusters of countries (Mediterranean, Continental, Nordic and Anglo-Saxon ones).
Marta Pascual Sáez
David Cantarero-Prieto y Jose R. Pires Manso
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