Elaboration of the social accounting matrix for Colombia (2003)

The main objective of this research is to construct a Social Accounting Matrix
for Colombia referred to year 2003, since this is the last year with available
statistical information to its elaboration. The interest of this work is therefore
to provide a countable framework as the MCS that can be used in the analysis
as the incorporated in this study (a realistic analysis of the interrelationships
of all the agents in an economy) as well as in other futures studies of greater
importance (to be used, among others, as database for economic modelling).
Once constructed the matrix, we will proceed to analysing it. Thus, the analysis
of multipliers will allow us to observe the interrelation between the exogenous
and endogenous accounts of the economy and the identification of the key
Carmen Ramos Carvajal
Esteban Fernández Vázquez
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