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Benefits of WES membership

  • Belong to a scientific society
  • Participate in the World Economy Meetings at reduced prices
  • Sending of information on publications and events related to the analysis of the World Economy
  • Possibility of knowing the work and contacting other members of the WES, through the exclusive area for members

How much does it cost to be a member of WES

  • The WES membership fee is annual, with no proration regardless of the month in which the person becomes a member.
  • The membership fee is 80 euros, with a reduced fee of 40 euros for retired persons and students.

How to become a member of the WES

It is necessary to be dedicated to the study of the World Economy, either as part of the academic field (universities and research centers) or being integrated in a think tank, international organizations, public administrations, or civil society organizations.

To become a member of the WES, please fill in the registration form that you will find on this page. Once we receive it, we will contact you to confirm your membership and inform you of the account number where you can make the deposit or pay the annual fee by direct debit.

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